yesterday and again today

went to a garden party, well not really, but that song with that really cool little ditty of a melody, “went to a garden party, to see who I could see”, at least thats how I recall… so yeah, that song was strolling through my head while I rode in the back seat of Tara’s car, in route to this garden industry type show thing dang at Navy Pier.  Nothing that great, the effort,,,, that was great.  Not by us, but by the whole event… but not in a nagging way, more weird America has to sell things, and sell lots of the thing that one sells.  , and there were snacks, chocolates and oreo cookies, stuff, and bowls of soil and mulch that you could touch.  We did have an art moment of thoughts of filming the samplings of mulch… wait, what?  The reason for this short sit at the keys is because yesterday I was recording some stuffs, and when I get ready to think of something like the kind of shape of the thing, I think of total time.  I had yet to hit the little feature on the recording deal to have the time displayed, it was “hidden”.  So back to yesterday and recording, i’m thinking “how long is this thing now?”, Iphone out, timer app activated, start pushed on the recording.  Things happen, songs plays, pause…. level adjusted, start record again…. listen.  Happy with time and all, just by feel though, the iphone and its dutiful timer are chugging along, smooth, quietly….  I”m on to other things before I decide to think “has anyone texted, the music was kind of loud?” and there is the timer, 14 minutes, and thirty something seconds.  I take note of forgetting to see the actual time of the recording, the one I started 14 minutes ago.  No big news in the world of anything.  But then there is this, tonight I’m recording again, pretty happy about a particular group of sounds, and think they should get put away together in a loose recording.  Get out the phone, hit start and record at the same time, and well… basically the same thing happened again.  I didn’t just forget again, the timer was at 14;34.   I find that pretty cool, on the Xfiles tip, “While You’re Skully Contemplating, I’m Mulder Understand”… hahah, I was trying to work that lyric run out with J Vance on the Drums, what’s that the kids say, Good Times.  I like that, but not very ofen, it’s an ok way for people to say, we had fun.  But really it’s about the amazing cast of Good Times the tele show, that my friends, is one of my growing up type jams, dinner cooking, kinda tired from the day, and Good Times is on,  yeah yeah.  That’s all, I feel pretty strong with my memory overall, but that was some funny pages to me the 14 minute phone disorder, that’s what this thing should have been called.  BC steeze.

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