Watership Down In Full Effect, the White Rabbit Lamp

white rabbit lampWant to see something from the Father Land that is just so dope.  Cute, Creepy, and Design Forward, a couple words that spring to mind with this German Made White Rabbit Lamp.  Tara came back from Germany speaking about these great lamps that she found, and how they were litte plastic bunny rabbit  lamps.  I pictured crappo Christmas yard lite up baby Jesus, but in the form of a little bunny.   Why did that cause my alams to go off?  what is wrong with plastic?  Ok,  a lot is wrong with plastic, that said, I’m going to get one of these for my spot.  10″ high these Rabbits are,  and when they are turned on in a dark room, I get kinda scared, the kind of scared that movie Watership Down made me (I didn’t read the book, was that kid into sharks and Big Cats, the kid who got his info from heavily  illustrated magazines about Sharks and Big Cats…. wait! What magazines were those?)  But the Rabbit in war kind of vibe got me shook as a 3rd grader at Kenwood Elementary.  So… yeah, check out this lamp.  You can get it here if you like.  Or come visit them in the land of creepy cute.  Oh that German design.This rabbit will fuck you up

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