This is soothing to look at.


This is here or at least that is where I got the image, I like the vibe of this blog, or maybe I just really really like soft green moss.  Either way, just rest your head on this type of fuzzy happiness.  Not really an ad for these peeps, I just thought if I was going to rip the image, that I should pay dues, so to speak.

This Sunday… it’s been ok, I have been reflecting on how things have been made overly difficult by myself at times, and how this really needs to change. I thought I was a pretty decent communicator, but I”m finding that not to be so true.  At least the sun is out, the dogs been on walks, and well…  We got our health, whatever the hell that is suppose to mean.  I don’t know what i’m looking for, but I am sure being a picky dick about it.  Don’t go pickin’ dicks though, lets just drop the words pick and dick out for a bit, they don’t seem to go together.

My street is super void of noise at the moment, I have the stereo set to off.. so just this click clack, and well… the fading in and out of Law and Order from my neighbors tv.  Not the dialogue so much, just the Law & Order Bass Tones… funny shit, and somehow not so bothering.

I think I”m writing in a moment of hunger, so.

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