The Newsroom

I just got home, I saw a certain shadow of light and hit the HBO go. I started the new HBO jam- The Newsroom. I paused it 3 minutes in. The intro title part was excessively long. It was battered by clips of newsmen old, and the music super blowed. Do yeah, I hit pause and decided to Internet tell my thoughts on this moment. The show starts with a scene, and then the intro jab, like lots o shows do. I was kinda into the first scene, and I look forward to ending this post so I can check the new HBO joint out. Since the days of the monthly pamphlet, HBO has provided cool well done shows. Since im on some game of thrones, girls, and veep hiatus, The Newsroom might make it work out. Then again, it might suck ass like the introduction part does. Don’t forget to peep some kind of Wu beats this week. It’s global Wu-Tang appreciation week. “Moving on your left….”

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