The harder they come

That title is all about the good times, so no.. not the Jimmy Cliff movie, and no…. not the Television show Good Times.  Why capitalize the word Television. I don’t know?  I was talking with some friends last weekend, and we were indeed having some good times.  Pre Urbana Sweet Corn Festival beers in my buddies back yard, and the topic of spaces after periods in sentences came up. One person was like “well, in typing class, this was a must, it was all about the spaces that certain letters took up” or something like that. I sheepishly admitted that I thought there was always two spaces after a period.  They were kind enough, but all held the line at letting me know I was a dumbass.  I can deal with that. While writing this, I have done both, two spaces and one. I guess from now on I will attempt to go the one space route.  Crazy to me that it never came up in conversation before, and that I was living my period ending life with something I learned at Urbana High’s typing class.  Back in the Mary Locke days.

Things in general are going well, Plant Mode should be doing something pretty soon.  I will be attending an wedding in September, in the lovely state of Nebraska.  I love the folks getting married, so it should be pretty fun.

Joined a gym yesterday.   We shall see.

I think these session of writing will end with a nap.

good night.


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