Shows… Tele Ways.

It’s Friday night, might head out later, might stay in. The start of my post work, post dog walk evening i watched a couple episodes of Adventure Time, then a couple Regular Shows. Regular Show got me thinking about Ren and Stimpy. It’s like a cleaner vibe, but like minded. More in story lines than visual. A Blue Jay (Mordecai) and a Raccoon (Rigby) are the main homies, and they simply do high shit. These are on the Cartoon Network from like 6 to 8pm, and though they possibly intend these cartoons for early to strait teens, I can’t help but to see an obvious adult mindset to the execution of these shows. So good. Check out the Regular Show episode Think Positive. Adventure Time, like the the title expounds so simply, is very full of amazing adventure. Visual and well written, Finn and Jake get busy. Ice King and Princess Bubblegum, come on son!
Yeah… Just a bit of babble from this rabble. Rock it.

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