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I stumbled upon a facebook post about “where should we buy a house” in Champaign Urbana?  People chimed in, and all is good.  Friends helping friends and all, but there was one post that suggested clicking into a link that was a forum about safe places in Champaign.  There was a woman that was suggesting to another woman who had not yet moved to Champaign, but was soon going to, that she would want to live west of I57 or south of Devonshire road.  What the fuck is this person talking about?  All other places in Champaign are not safe?  Has there been some crime spree against children in my hometown that I didn’t know about?  Safe…  I mean, we all really know what this code word is about right?  I’m not dogging the original poster of the “where should we buy a house”, no not her, and not really the people who added their two scents, i’m dogging America’s fear of each other.  Race and Class have never been so far apart, ok, race has been…. slavery and all, but really…. what ever happened to wanting to raise your kids in a diverse area, where there are some people of color, and maybe just maybe some poor people.  I know, i don’t have any children, but I will not be running to the hills when it does happen, and I hope that if this does happen, that my love will be of similar thoughts on this.  Central Champain, and Central Urbana, easily the most diverse areas, I mean, you at least see brown people living lives just like everyone else.  Who knows, maybe our worlds can come together.  I know I know, this will bother some people that are into separate kinds of ways, but this is the future.   Otherwise you kids get beat up in high middle school when they are thrust into a new world of other cultures.  And no, teaching you kids Chinese is not really what we mean by cultural diversity, it’s a really cool parent fad though, and well… lets take what we can get.  Then again, this is my coffee hour….

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