Plant in whatever is around.

I pass this bar on the Richmond and Grand a few times a week while walking my dog.  There is no sign on the door to give any indication that it actually is a business.  Kind of like J&M, but without the hipster takeover.  In time I’m sure, but as for now, it is the random bar.  They have this planter in the side lot on Richmond, that I just love.  It is an old plastic barrel or some kind, bright yellow and kind of busted.  Well, shit.. you can just look at this photo to see what it looks like.   The point of this is to illustrate that these people used something that they had laying around.  They didn’t go to the store I work at, or any store for that matter to purchase a big plastic object, they just made do with what they had around.  I love the purple Zibrina Pendula plant sticking out of the broken spot.  I”m done, that’s it, take a gander.  On a side not, I will check out this bar.  IMG_0681

Birthday coming up, and though I usually hide from anything that resembles a party on my birthday, I think i’m going to, in the words of my good friend Tim, “do it big”.  Why not.

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