Drawn by Pablo.  Amazing, I have used this for a couple Beats by Otter flyers, but I have to give some love to the Original piece.  This is a scan of a scan.  The original is tucked away in storage.  Pablo has been a prolific poster artist for years, and well… I”m thinking that the LA bike building scene is now enjoying his love of that, bicycles that is.  I got this image in the mail on day when I was working at Dandelion, He had just been in Champaign for a little family visit, we hung for a little bit, but I never expected an “otter” piece to arrive.  He also sent this pretty dope Helmet dude… might have something to do with the randomness of people calling me Jimmy Helmet head instead of Helmick, either way, I’ll take it.

Pablo, beats by otter

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