Oh… Sports?

Bulls… Dope, and without Rose.  I’m a Windy City Assassin card carrying fan, Love Me Some D Rose.  But holy shit, Jimmy Butler, aka Jimmy Buckets, aka the Butler did it? This dude is a baller.  I love his mentality on the court.  Heart, Hustle, and Muscle as Stacy King likes to say.  Captain Kirk, Hard Hat Lunch Pail, Get It Jo, Booze Cruise, Spicy Meatball, Rip City, and Nate mothafuckin’ Robinson.  These fools are strait ballin’.  I know the east is weak, except the Heat, but come on… we got this.

Super Baugh- pretty cools.  I like these teams matching up this year.  Should be a good superbowl.  I wouldn’t mind if the 49ers won, I use to be a hater back in the Montana days, but… I like their story.  And the Ravens.. I like that they are a gritty East Cost squad.  Quarterbacks name is Flacco… How dope is that.  Not much else to get into about this… I am a Bears fan, so whatever to both these teams really.

Hawks… 4-0 at the moment.  Cools.  Still should have never traded Big Buff.. I root for them, but secretly hate them for doing that.  Whatever right, welcome back Hockey.

XGames…. yeah, i’m writing on this site at the moment over watching the Xgames.. Sorry all you mountain dew drinkers.  Jokes.  I do rock the Big Air aspects of the Winter X Games, and will actually log off here, and peep some before heading into the Friday night.

Cubs.. yeah.

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