New Years Eve

I was told be  a friend last night, that she hopes I have a memorable new years eve.  That made a ton of sense to me.  We had spoken a day or so earlier about how NYE is not always so fun, I let her know that I don’t even recall what I did last year.  I’m somewhat famous for not recalling the obvious.  But I was thinking, and well… the only NYE that I remember over the last many years, was NYE 2000.  I remember it mostly because not so much booze was involved, not so much people, not so much stupid bar toast at midnight.  I was in Champaign, and my friend J Vance was having a pretty fun party.  I remember that party being just the right size, and with just the right amount of old school homies.  At 11:30 that night I got into my car, drove east on University ave, until I got out into the country, I took a right to head south towards Philo Illinois, and when I saw a nice spot to pull over I did.  It was so dark, lots of stars… so many stars, you know the country sky and how great it can be.  I tuned the radio to 90.1 WEFT community radio, and listened to the countdown.  It was so nice and chill out there, and at midnight I looked back towards Champaign Urbana, and saw lots of little neighborhood fireworks going off.  It was the best, the only thing that would have maybe made the moment better, would have been to have a love to hold during that moment.  Oh well…. I loved it, alone or not, and I love the fact that I remember that.  The only other NYE that I slightly recall, would be when I was spinning records at Barfly in Champaign, I think it was 2001, or 03, or 04… I have no idea, but a kiss from Natalia was involved, that I remember.  I played Imagine by John Lennon at midnight.  I loved it, not sure the party crowd got it.   I might have to cue that up in my phone for tonight.  I”m going to Champaign on the train in about a hour, and i’m going to rock NYE downtown Champaign style, should be good.

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