My, your kibda sporty

Yes I am, or can be…. Could be. The Hawks play the Canucks in a couple hours, game 3. Statement game, the statement might be something like fuck a Canuck. When I first got into hockey I was a Toronto fan, Matt Sundin, the team colors of a dark blue and white, and the team name… The Maple Leafs! The fact that the leaf looked like a distant cousin of weed was an imature reason that seemed just right. I lived with big Blues fans, and in early 2ks the Blues were really good. I had to hate, so Maple Leafs it was. I have been in Chicago for 6 years or so, and it wasn’t until my third year here did I watch a Hawks game, I’m now hooked, fully down with the Hawk. You may have read this blather before on this site, either way…. Go Hawks!!
The Cubs are on currently, losing to the Pirates. Fuckin cubs, it’s hard being down with these turds sometimes. That said, I’m thinking Soriano is about to heat up. Sox…. Yeah, have fun with that. Bulls… Next year will truely be nice, Derek Rose and who, as in which free agent can we snag? Bron? But yo, this is really about the wonderful day off I’m enjoying, and the brightness of the sun. I’m out to enjoy this, until the Hawk game.

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