Milk Crate Boogie, I mean Milk Crate Planters…

Maybe this comes from my dj past, but I”m really into milk crates, I think they are a great easy to find modular furniture kind of item.  Many shelves that supported my lps over the years were stacked onto milk crates.  They are plastic, this is lame, but peep it…. You can use them as planters, don’t buy some bougie gear.  I rode over to a local garden store and got some coco liner material, buy it bulk and it’s a bit cheaper.  I bought 3′ of it for like 15 bucks.  On the topic of milk crates to hold actual lps, the midwest kind are not wide enough, I have a few from my day in Olympia that are rectangular, and those rock, but nothing beats an old fruit box for lp storage, oh wait, back to the topic.  Here is all you have to do.

1-nab some milk crates, if you can’t manage that, well your lame.

2-get yourself some coco liner, loose spagnum moss would work as well, but the coco liner sheets have a nice tight weave, and should work better for holding in your soil.

3-line the bottom and all four sides of the milk crate with the liner material.

4-pour your soil in, this is a good time to pack the soil in so it supports the liner material along the sides, You can skip the drainage rock because the coco liner will drain nicely without any additional material.

5-fill to planting level, the top should be your level, add your plants, water, and chillax the rest of the summer away.

I rocked basil, arugala, swiss chard, and bell peppers and several hot pepper.

On the topic of reuse, most garden centers will give you the larger plastic pots that are usually just stacking up, taking room.  This is what my cilantro, and tomato plants are calling home.  I like the look of the all black re use plastic planters that I have on my small deck, feels good to keep those crates out of the landfill.  Grow and Eat!

If your planters are large enough, there should be no issues with the roots taking up any PVC’s or other badness that is an essential part of the lame ass plastic factory biz.

2 Responses to “Milk Crate Boogie, I mean Milk Crate Planters…”

  1. Preeti Says:

    You forgot a step: Get a super cool friend with a car to help you transport a big bag of soil! The plantars look great Matthis. I see you were productive this afternoon.

  2. otter Says:

    true indeed, step one, generous friendly help. Thanks P.

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