Midnight… exactly now.

exactly right about a sec ago now, honestly.  But the vibe of the start of this was the feeling of it just hit midnight, while I looked at the clock.  I like stuff like that.  I”m listening to the new Oh No record.  It’s called Ohnomite.  It’s nice.  The last four songs, around song 5 are killing me with the niceness.  You Don’t Know Me, and Dues and Don’ts are just killing it at this very moment.  Here we go with the exactly now thing.  And you would think this was some intentional shit, not really.   I look forward to pumping a few of these tunes at the Cowboy Monkey on Sunday.  If one doesn’t have a goodness about music in their hearts, them hearts ain’t beating.   J To The Vance, speaking of beating, he and I are looking forward to trying to put down some doo doo in Champaign.   Not an album review or anything.  Just a vibe about the record, which is pretty wacked out awesome.  And a cut called Clock Cather is a bit super high, oh wait.  Ohnomite is over, Clock Catchers wasn’t a high ass Oh No song, it was Flying Lotus that was tripper town.  I liked that cut.  But the bulk of his new record, removed from starred Spotify status.   One last moment about Ohnomite!   Eric Sermon drops vocals on a cut.  Pretty nice to hear his voice.  Classic.







Album Artwork by Charles Munka Click to link to Stones Throw, buy the art and the tunes.

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  1. Xavier Mathis McIntosh Says:

    Hey UNCLE MATTRESS!!! How ya hangin’? It’s been awhile, and I have some pretty cool news…
    In my town, Elmhurst, there is an esablishment called School of Rock.. Sound familiar?
    Well, I stopped in this week and they have a recording studio I can use!!!
    Therefore, I am going to be coming out with a mixtape in a few…
    My rapper name is Chino, after what my dad called me obviously, but I am still keeping up with my mixing and DJing… I think that my skills with the subject will help me with the studio.
    I have been writing frequently, and just found all of my old writings.. raps…
    You should see it, the stack is like a Steven King novel… haha.
    Well anyways, just posting on your site. I’m doing well.
    I hope this rap thing falls through…
    Love you,

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