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In 1980 I was in the fifth grade, Mr Weaver was my teacher.  Lets just say he really taught us that gas and oil are not going to be the fuels of the future.  I remember an Electric car being brought to Kenwood Elementary for us all to look at.  It wasn’t pretty or even that cool looking, a basic muted triangle kind of look.  OK, there isn’t anything muted about that call, it was a feakin’ Asteroids space ship.

images asteroids-screenshot

That said, the wonder was on, I was sure that in the near future there would be lots and lots of electric cars, and some of them would even look as cool as my ex-step fathers forest green Riviera.  Mr. Weaver had us all on some Solar, Wind , Water shit back then.  Man… it’s taken a while right?


But check it…. by the time I got to high school, there was not even a flicker of electric car production.  Reagan Reagan, Bush, Clinton Clinton, Bush Bush…. Nada!  Everything not just got bigger, it just got plain dumb, Hummer anybody?  Here are 2010 and there are a few Hybrids out there, Toyota Prius leads the way, Ford seems to have some small gains with their Hybrids, but a fully Electrically run car?  Well, we got Nissan stepping into the game, and their new Leaf.


I like the leaf, and well… I sure as hell like the idea of an electric car making its way into the market.  I don’t dig the price, 30,000, with some government incentives to make it a little cheaper.  With todays fast trip to the tipping point of environmental disaster, we need to have these transport units cheap as hell.  Make a stylish version that can be high end, for those suckers,  but please also make a $7,000 model for the people.  Yeah, I know.. not so profitable maybe.  This is why it should possibly be a government run program, a mega trade in type deal.  Tax credits, trade in rebates for Electric cars only,  which would get old ass cars off the road (except for the well maintained classics of course, the 67  super sport chevelle/malibu’s and such) It would be a massive movement of some good for the planet.  Crooks in the oil and auto industry conspire to keep mpg the way it is, they could build better planet cars easily, but they would rather lay in their own waste…. ugh, that got ugly.  All I really wanted to do was share this vid, it is one of many that just show the Nissan Leaf, I don’t work for them or any crazy shit like that, I just love the fact that there is an electric car in motion.  I think just like there are zip car stations all over these days, that there could easily be Charge Stations, or even little parking hang out spots that offer charging.  This seems to be the largest obstacle to all of this here in the US, the lack of charging, the car gets 100 miles on a full charge, and that would work for me and my perceived driving habits, but the general public would need a bit more confidence in the whole “what if” scenarios.  And well… I would like to think of a potential road trip being accomplished with ease on the charging tip, they get that covered… boom goes progress.   WPA this shit!  lets go….

So yeah, I want one.  Any philanthropist out there?  Feel free to hook a guy up.  I”m also ready to start the Urban Green Job Training Initiative, this will not only get some jobs in the heart of a jobless zone, but it can be linked with retrofitting America with the new green techs needs that we’re going to need to move into the future.  I just have the slogans, and simi plans for this…. but hey, make it my full time job… boom goes the, ok, enough with this boom shit, I”m starting to sound like Chris Burman or something.

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