how many more times….?

Life is hitting on all cylinders lately.  Things seem to be falling into place with my business idea of Plant Mode, not as fast as I would like, but moving forward for sure.  Personally, there is a happy chill vibe.  I have been on a very motivated wave musically, but the thing is, it’s not on the dj tip.  Just hanging out in the practice space got my mind right back on track with Prologic Rebel Base Ensemble.  I very brief hang out with a musical inspiration yesterday also has me really ready to get things going on some Champaign Urbana Music Players tip.  This is the name of a soon to be group effort, musically that is.   Back to the Plant Mode tip, there is a nice buzz going on regarding the first ever Made Fest.  I think it will be along the lines of the Renegade Festival in Chicago.  I always loved shopping that fest, so it’s gonna be nice to be a part of something like it in my hometown.  Ugh… life, seems like a tough ending, but really.. ugh, is this kind of excited, expulsion of air kind of thing.  How about that?

I like big tall plants.  I like small ones as well…. weird guy right?

ps. going to the gym is some fun shit.

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