holy shit…

This much time has gone by?  Silly string central.  Melissa mentioned that I had this blog/site thing the other day, and I felt shame regarding the fact that I have just been uploading images, but not much writings.  I’m running late to work, but i’m pretty much ready to unleash my head onto this again.  Should be decent.  Not a story here, or link there, but some writing.   Hhmmm… I wonder.

2 Responses to “holy shit…”

  1. E. Says:

    We miss you in Champaign-Urbana. I think of Prologic Rebel Bass Ensemble every time me and my fam drive back from the east coast on I-70 and pass the “Prologis” corporation HQ. (Who knows what they do.) Hope you’re thriving, mang.

  2. otter Says:

    thanks, I miss the CU as well, time for a visit for sures…. peas.

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