Ethio Soul

I seem to not be able to find this particular cassette tape that I bought at an Ethiopian Grocery store in Portland many years ago.  I was my official hyped on legal trucker speed driving music.  There is a melody that has been in my head for over a month,  I couldn’t read the artist name, or song titles on the cassette, so I have no words to jar my memory, just the image of the cover, and yeah…. Gold, red and green, ha ha.  Not on the Ras tip, very soulful tunes.  I need to find this.  Last place I recall hearing it would be Jenns van, on the way back…. There is no way it would still be in that van, this won’t stop me from asking her about it later today, who knows…. until then, maybe this will get me through the wait.

Either there is a very uncanny vibe of all of this sounding the same, or this is the dude… pretty sure this sax is from my jammy jam.  Ok, most likely not.  Rock steady ya’ll.

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