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I have been getting this feeling like I might be letting down the inner fight club fan inside myself.  I am collecting a bunch of stuff in my home that I like, I like how I place it, I like how it looks… But really, it’s a  collection of junk.  In the big picture of things, I call it junk.  Nice looking planters, bookshelves, chairs, display shelves, stuff.  Yeah, it’s stuff you need i guess, to have a nice looking place and all.  But I just keep thinking of how Edward Norton was told by Brad Pitt that his shit was just junk, a collection of filler that makes him feel like he is accomplishing things in life.  Maybe it’s time to peep this attitude again.  I do like my stuff though.

On some tunes.. Kimya Dawson’s Thunder Thighs is killin it!

And yeah… Derrick Rose is still the shit.  Don’t sleep on him again, that would be lame.  Say you are not really into sports at all, no big deal, just watch an interview with this young man, seriously.  After you hear him talk, and hear him talk about his brothers and his mother, and Englewood where he is from… you will root for him after this I promise.


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