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Food can be so good. Food can be so fucked up. KFC “Bowls”…. Now with bacon… Bacon Bowls, processed to the maxed mash potatoes, corn, gravy, cheese, fried “chicken bites”, topped with bacon. This has me super leaning back into the better path of eating. Rocked no meat for about a month. Felt good, the a BBQ temptation that I just fell the hell in love with. Polish, tips… Good as hell. Been back on omnivore for two weeks since that BBQ. There is a funny tight feel in my middle body. Thin there, just spine tight. The coolness is theres no pain, and I’m on some daily home stretch from here out.
This fall feels right alright?

yes, this will work nicely

rainy day, I like this…..  This is not some random weather report, I actually like this rainy day.  That’s about it.

I have really neglected this.

This is really nothing more than an acknowledgement.  On behalf of my ass, belly, thighs, and well my head.  I would like to give a simple thanks to my bicycle, thanks Buddy.  That is actually the silly name I have always thought to call my bike.   So in internet declaration form, I would like to say Thanks Buddy.  My friend who lives in LA posted on my facebook wall today, he posted “it’s finally warm there in Chicago, go ride that bike”  or something like that.  It was while I was responding to him that I realized that I always ride my bike.  There was a 5 day period this last winter that I didn’t ride, you might recall that storm that hit Chicago this last winter…. yeah of course, biking was defeated just by looking out the window.  Days after that storm, when the streets were all cleared, I was still in shock, and not up to the task.  But other than that, why not?  I have some things on my side.  My commute is about 15 blocks, not too far.  I prefer the chill side streets, but rock the main ones during the winter months, seeing as how they cleared faster.  So no matter how cold, rain, snow, or whatever, I still ride.  MAJOR PROPS to those with 5 mile bike commutes, you all rock.  If that distance was involved in my life, I might have my ass on a bus seat.  No el trains in my hood.   Thanks Buddy.


Bulls… that all remains the same.

I listend to a Joni Mitchell record today, Court and Spark.  I thought I had two albums by here, but no… just that one.  I was surprised to realize that I knew most of the songs on the record.  Ok, i’m exaggerating, I knew four songs… I find that a startling number considering I don’t think I can name any Joni cuts, Qtip rocked some Mitchell for  a hook, nicely I might add in a Janet Jackson song.  I was going to chop up a cut today, but got a bit bored of the sampler today.  I think as I get older, I have to really  set aside time to work on tunes.  I can’t just sit down and produce the way I felt I use to be able to.  That said, I have been zoning out on my back deck with the bass guitar more and more lately.   I don’t see myself as ever playing bass in some band, so really… what am I doing thinking about music as much as I think I am?  Don’t worry, I”m more puzzled by that last sentence than you could ever be.  Mint Tea time.

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