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Never Share Again… thanks taco bell. you suck.

I don’t really have a super long bit of information about this.  I just want to point out that while I was chilling out watching a Bulls game the other night, I noticed a new ad from taco bell (not capitalizing…. they suck, read title)  They have a new product called something or other grillers… basically another in their long line of crap rolled up in a flour tortilla.  The twist is these are “appetizers”… so they roll up whatever the crap is inside even smaller and tighter.  It’s like they realize they no longer can roll/fold up a decent sized burrito, so they went the other direction, SMALLER? Oh, but it’s totally cool, because these are just appetizer sized treats.  Whatever about what it actually is, it’s the lead voiceover deal in the commercial that grinds my gears.  He says “NEVER SHARE AGAIN” as they show a few “dudes” on a couch, seemingly having a tough time navigating chicken wings and possibly nachos.  They are a mess of tangled arms and sauce dipping accident waiting to happen.  Yep.  Taker talk from politics are now in the realm of fast food ads.  What the fuck is wrong with sharing again?  Ugh.  Once a year or so, I feel the need to have grade D meat and waxy beans rolled up into what they call a burrito supreme, I usually have a nice guilty pleasure moment from the whole thing.  They might have lost me with this new advertisement.  I like the idea of sharing.  Also, if you live in a city with any kind of latino population, please… for the love of good food, hit up a Taquería, this is where you will find food that might make you feel good inside.  The bell is not just going to make you run for the border, drop some coffee on things and you will be running… ok, you know all about this part, so I will let that be.  In Champaign/Urbana, El Charro.  peep game.  And take some friends, order different things, and Share Again.

It’s all about the devil inside.

They came up in conversation.  It was the 4th of July, the grill was yet to be poofed.  Deviled Eggs, yep.  Funny finger food that, if you have the taste for it, is the bizzle.  Yeah, I just made up something that was maybe suppose to be pun like for bomb.  No need to hide things that are “bomb ass” , those things are always good, and can be called so.  But yeah, Bizzle.  Let us bury that actually.  The wood worker maker fella came in right after their mention, and he basically said, he would walk over to the store in a bit and get some eggs and such to whip some up.  It was mentioned, and it was followed through.  I enjoyed these, we all did.  Oh, i’m just a bit hungry, I think this decided this subject.  I ate well today, a good day of blessings and time to reflect.  I can always get down with a Sunday to chill.  Big bike ride, stake cake.  Wait, I rocked steak and cake on the same plate, then on the same fork.  It was hella good.  Yellow cake with chocolate icing, and thin cuts of a very steak that D rocked on the grill.  There were moments of meaty vanilla mashed potato feel going on with the Stake n Cake bits.  Not mine alone, it’s part of the Systems Systems business plan idea box.  I ate well now that I’m recalling that aspect of my night.  Point is…. On the 4th, these were on point.

i’ll do that next, the orange.

There is an orange in front of me, well.. just off to the right, on the record player.  I should rock it about now, I mean…. an orange, they are so nice.  Thats it.  I”m out.  I’m going to eat this orange, then maybe some sleeps.

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