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Chocolate Cake Planter

There is this Chocolate cake that I buy about once every two months. I wait this long between buying it because I eat the whole thing within 48 hours. Yeah, it’s just something I do. Another thing I like to do, is re use packaging as much as possible, especially for planting up house plants. The dome of this packaging has a #3 recycling type on stamped on it, and I could just put it in with the rest of the recycling, but I had three Kalanchoe (Beharensis “roseleaf”) That needed a home. Ideally I would use the bottom part of the cake packaging as the saucer for the Dome planter part. But it had a 3″ raised section in the middle, and the dome when place upside down on it, wouldn’t sit right. So instead of poking hole in the bottom, I will just plant it as a planter without drainage. One just has to be careful not to overwater, and allow the soil to be bone dry before adding more water. These are succulents, so this won’t be a problem. Easy Peasy…..

Add drainage rock, I went with two inches because of the lack of holes at the bottom, extra is good if you have the room.

Add proper potting mix, I got this nice succulent cacti mix from work (Sprout Home)


Done! Now to put this little guy into a bright sunny spot.

2012 rap attack name.

Dirty Mittens….


The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

I have walked by this building at 2320 W Chicago Ave for several years now, biked right by even more.  I always told myself, I should check it out.  I mean… a museum in the general area that I live and work.  So yesterday I checked it out.  Super nice.  Once i got into the door, A woman that was working seemed a bit shocked to see me tugging on the locked door.  But she finally trusted her best judgement when I mouthed the words through the glass, “i want to see your exhibit”.  She opened the door, and a man that was inside and also associated with the museum seemed to came up to me with a very nice greeting, and an info sheet regarding the current exhibit “Bauhaus Now”.  Very cool art works.  This is housed on one side of the museum, and the other room held their permanent collection, equally very nice to see.  I don’t want to get to much into what the art was like, or what I thought about it.  This is really just a suggestion that you check it out.  I dropped a couple bucks into the donation box for sure.  There was also a rack of prints for sale, $35-$350.  Decent for sure.  Here are some shots of some things I liked.  Wall Clock (the three horizontal brown wood pieces, they have moving arms that move in the same manner as a regular clock, just in three different pieces)  was something that I would like to actually see in production for the masses.  I was generally inspired to get some things going myself.  There were a couple video deals that were very good.  Human Polaroid was the bomb.

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