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I like break fast over the word breakfast.  I was in the break fast kind of mood for dinner tonight, and I fell for a dish called pan fried potatoes.  Garlic, Spanish Onions, about 20 halved Cherry Tomatoes from steady producing plants on the back porch, Swish Chard.  Spiced just right, Rooster Sauce, a tiny island of mayo, and ketchup, and boom.  Happy belly.  I have no idea why i’m writing about what I just ate, seems like some kind of nice intro into the moment, my moment of over detail….. No wait, that is just the talking part, i’m not doing that now, and i’m alone, well my dog is looking at me kind of funny.   About to catch some Friday night air, I’m thinking the moons brightness should help the night. Oh wait, the bright moon might mean hectic minds.  Oh wells.

A movie about Queen… Ok, i’m cool with it.  They were actually that big in a sense.  They are the top selling artist of any band from the UK… EVER.  At least I believe what they tell me on the Biography Channel.  Peep the Freddie Mercury episode, dope.  I just met this  young brotha named Cordero that has the tooth work vibe of Freddie Mercury.  That dude was damn dope.  DD!  The last lines of that song Somebody to Love, is that the name of that song even?  But yeah, now i’m thinking of Depeche Modes song Somebody, both are along the same subject matter, duh right?


I was just told by a friend on the travel tip, that I would not be chill where they currently are….. this makes me wonder if I’m uptight or something.  Yeah, I guess I can be… That sucks. Ok, more honest smiles then.

So yeah…. I watch the games.  Sunday, Fall, Bears, all that.  I just got myself a big ass crock pot from a yard sale for $5, still in the box.  I have never had one, talked about getting one for the last two winters at least.  Mom would rock the crock pot, not super often, but man… Carrots and potatoes tasted good as hell cooked with any kind of meat, I liked the roast style meats and all, but I use to really get excited about carrots when the crock was in effect in our home.  So yeah, i’m looking to create my own versions of big deal meals.  Ugh, that shit sounded like some commercial for a fast food joint.  Maybe I got that Don Draper shit?  Kidding, though I like a drink sometimes, and I like women, women,,, Your The Best!  I use to think I was gonna make beats for the ad type world, never got the gear together though, or did I…  Bears for the Chicago love, Buccaneers for the Old School Love, Doug Williams, Rickey Bell, Hugh Green, Leroy Selmon…. and though he wasn’t a Buc, I gotta toss in an image of Chuck Muncie, I had this card, so yeah… that long.





and mad props to the Chuck Muncie, and the rest of the Chargers of that era, strait ballin’.



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