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Yeah, I rather liked Black Swan.


I”m cool with trying to live up to the expectations of a 9 year old child.  Obama, I’m with that.

Bears Vs Seahawks….. Back when I first started hanging out with my dearly missed friend Doug, back in that day.  I would have been staunchly rooting against the Chicago Bears.  The idea of a Jim Zorn led Seahawks team would have had from jump.  And Steve Largent.  Ok, i’m gonna end the sport tip with this… Go Bears, I’m fully behind most things Chicago Sports, a touch too cool for school fandom.  I don’t rock jerseys and such.  I”m cool with not actually watching this game, they are suppose to win, if they don’t, it will be good that I didn’t sit through that dumb shit, if they win… well cool, the are suppose to.  blather.

Good early moves with my new old sampler, this is beyond getting the ball rolling.  40 year old Rapper in session.

We got some nice Jasmine plants into work today, the smell was a very nice extra benefit.

Arizona shooting, another one…. uhm… ANOTHER ONE!  geeez Louise, let’s us as civilized folks, get this over the top bullets boom under control.  Sure, have your shit for the revolution, and such, but 30 something is a group of people in their 30′s, not a reference to whats in chamber.   Come on gun makers/ammo peeps/NRA/and those other peeps that want as Gang Starr said, “Tons of Guns”… The story of easy guns is a story that has long been told, keep the gats in the legal frame of things, but also in the moral good light.  Gun shop grabs have to stop.

Go Bulls.

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