Big Birds Flying Across the Sky….

Not just one of my favorite Neil Young lyrics, but it happens to be what the scene is above my house and yard lately.  Crows/Ravens?  I should know the difference seeing as I can identify 4 types of Swallows, but yeah.  Those big birds are indeed flying across the sky, and stopping to talk.  My friend Tiokasin Ghosthorse once told me that Crows should be treated with respect, not just because they are part of our world, and all things in the world should be treated with respect, but also because the Sioux believe the Crows are ancestors that are stopping in to say hello, to check in on us.  It actually might not be Sioux, he is Sioux, and this filled my assumption.  Either way, we can say First Peoples of some type think this.  Since the day he told me that, back in like 93 or 94 I have always said hello to the Crows.  I like the idea, seems like a nice thought.   On top of all of this, these birds are hella smart, and can recognize people as friend of foe.  Pretty dope.  A quick look into wikipedia let me know that the First Peoples of the Northwest even have Creation Mythology involving crows.   I like this, so many folks got the crow in the “trickster” side of things.  Helpless Helpless…. goes the Neil song. rock that shit.

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