Been a while…

This might be the common theme to my ole blog in the last year.  Ok… years.  But this time I have a little excuse, been without access to my desktop for a couple months, and the Iphone tapping out does get a bit old.  I know I have posted that the taps are not so bad, but really they are.

Since being here last.

Moved out of Chicago.  This was a bit hard, as I love that city.  I think Chicago is a real city.  Those of you in Boise, Portland, Richmond, and other places that have that metro vibe, but not really, know what I might be saying.  Or you stubbornly do not.  Opinion yo.

My favorite things are now in a storage space out off of route 45.  Yep I said Route.  Funny shit down here.  I am staying at my Mom’s spot with my brother John.  This is all good.  Short term, but good.  Wait, maybe that is what is good about it, the shot term actions.  Good to see them, Good to be near them.

Went to Maui for 10 days.  Worked my ass off for ten days.  That was about that trip.  Suppose to head to Kauai in June, and well… who knows.  It has been very nice to be back in Champaign Urbana for sure.  Went on a big food memory tour when I first got back.  Gained 7lbs to prove it.  Po Boys (yes it’s the new one, and its not that great, but the polish and sauce were on point.  Dos Reales, Lil’ Porkys, La Bamba, Bombay Grill.  Yep.  All good. Now i’m taking a break from those indulgences for a bit.  I can tell you, once it gets chilly here in the fall.  Papa Dels will be had.

Riding the bike here is super nice.  Flat like Chicago but with obviously less traffic.  You know, that’s about it for now.  Images to follow soon.  About time to go see another rock show.

I have seen 12 rock bands since moving down here, one ok hip hop night.  This totally laps my shows seen number in Chicago over the last couple years.  Sad, but really sounding nice.


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