Agitant Stork, and a test of randomness

Check out this bird, Agitant Stork.  Crazy cools.   I’m not really going to do your research, and find some photo for you.  I”m just not really into that at the moment.  Jerry Rice in Richard Dent out?  That is wack.  Someone that is not wack is Freeway. He and Jake One have a new record out, its nice.  What’s up with Toyota having a car commercial where the slogan is repeated over and over, Moving Forward.   Not so sure about that, with the forward moving issues they are actually having.  A couple weeks ago I caught a funny ass SNL.  One line stuck with me from that episode, “Ski your ass back to Belgium”  French Hip Hop Star  Jean K Jean, played by Kenan Thompson said it.  It’s a bit late for this, but I miss the dressing that was being sold at the local mega lame store Dominicks, it was almost Mama Susie level.  Ok, not at all actually.  I just miss her, and that dressing came a little close.  Here is another random group of words I heard together, these were found in the local ABC news, the phrase Back Scatter to Ohare, was uttered in regards to slow traffic.  Back Scatter, don’t cats do that?  There is always the History Channel for good word grouping, Mega Lake.   Another dope band name.  The Sahara Desert is currently where a mega lake once was.    jean-k-jean

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