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writer.. right?

Not really.  I get a bit gooped up in the whys sometimes.  Like why bust my ass, my brains ass that is, to share my thoughts.  I have a mic in hand from time to time, and I would think that would be enough.  I thought about really creating a modern bell hooks kind of voice for myself, but was told to not talk about my past.  I could write about a building, or a person.  I really could.  But I think i’m just going to order a fucking pizza.  Yep.  That’s about where the head is at the moment.  Long night, played a show with some good good friends, and the sounds felt nice.  Not sure how they were perceived and all, but it felt good.  Three way split, 10$ each.  Lowest payment I have ever received for anything that I have done… (I charged 15$ for mowing small yards when I was a kid, oh shit.. I just talked abut myself and my past again.. see..i’m just no good at this) in my life.  But I knew the deal when I agreed.  The thing is.. I think i’m just a cranky bitch because i’m hungry.  I”m hungry, single, and not quite happy with waiting tables at “the best food spot in town” according so some smuck on yelp.  The pizza will help.  Last one until next fall.  Probably some kind of Bears v Packers Sunday afternoon.

Rock that shit.


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