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Here we go, late April… I love this shit.  I love the Spring vibe in the air.  This month is a bit notorious for being a big tease, weather wise, and well… who doesn’t enjoy a big tease.  Another Spring also brings about new growth and that good ole thing we all dig, regrowth.  Buds on trees, plants poking out of the damp soil, random mosses getting greener with each passing day.  All pretty great things.  New growth, well, that’s something that I personally feel happening.  Every year we all get a bit wiser, and drop some bad habits that we have nurtured in the past years. I”m working on letting things go, and not taking things so hard.  Been a fault of mine for a bit.  I’m sure there are others faults as well, i’ll get to them when I can, maybe next spring?

Trying to get a business off the ground currently, Champaign Urbana friends and family have been super nurturing and supportive.  Most of my Chicago group seem to be a bunch o’ haters.  Haters gonna hate… oh wait, I just mentioned trying to let things go. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.  Have a happy spring day folks.

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