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writing.. and not really writing.

I should be kinda good at this? The this is stated in the title.  And yeah, doesn’t really make sense unless you know how I think of myself as someone that wants to share, and feels full of grand ideas regarding writing… and then well… I find that time goes by often without me doing such.  Looking to change that.  I will donate blood this coming Monday, which will lead me to get going on a story about a local health food/nutrition spot.  Yep, the two will intersect.

Unrelated to writing lately, Music!  Been good around town lately.  I think I was fancying myself a pretty bad ass music fella, and felt like.. “whatever Champaign Urbana, it’s not what it use to be scene wise”  That is some pig headed shit, a fault that shows my age in a nasty lame way.  The good of this however is that I have been digging the lovely energy that I have heard and seen in CU, in terms of music.  This is where I could list off a few bands or producers that I have been feeling.  Yeah, I could do that…

Eye contact… some crazy cute eye contacts lately.  What is the deals?  I am stuck in all kinds of middle ground when it comes to going out, and trying to hang with folks.  I”m older than all of the homies that I have been energized by, tunes, drinking buddies, ladies, co workers… stuffs like that. When I think of what I should do to remedy the age thing, I come to fucked up things like, Join and hang out “older folks bars, happenings and the like”… I am super cool with aging, I have no problem with my age, I’m happy with who I am… but the thought of settling for some uninspiring social group sounds like some garbage.  I like Zero Garbage.  Whatever, things fall in place.  Or like Achebe titled on of his books, things fall apart.  One of those things happen right?


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