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Bateman J

I’m not sure how it came to be, and it for sure snuck up on me… Slowly. I have this crazy appreciation for Jason Bateman’s acting. Not really a reason to share I guess. Watching Extract at the moment, and can admit to watching Change Up last week. And pretty much every other random ass movie that he’s been in, he works. Likable, familiar. Kinda rocks the same vibe in his roles. I’m not trying to boost his career or anything, but ya gotta it up.

Off to the other ransoms.
We name winter storms apparently. That’s seems rather hype machine…. It’s snow, it’s snowed before. Doom seller shit. I only want to go back in time for one reason lately. I have been having a way too hard of a time getting new choice cut tunes on vinyl. We all get turned on to new bumps daily, so much good music. But being all dinosaur dj guy that rocks records, and new joints to play at the weekly don’t go together. This is where I admire to the digital file dJ, talk about fresh picked jams. Is Gute. “Embrace technology” says my good friend, it totally makes sense. I can what? Hook the iPhone up to the mixer, and use it to enhance the two turntable steeze? Ok.. Then again that seems about as wack as calling a snow storm Euclid. All love. I like how the equinox felt. Wasn’t ever called The End Of The World by Mayans. Just the end of a cycle. A cycle that flips to a new one at the occurrence of perfect universal alignment. I like to think of it as a way to move into a new phase for life. Lets live in love, dub style.

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