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Shows… Tele Ways.

It’s Friday night, might head out later, might stay in. The start of my post work, post dog walk evening i watched a couple episodes of Adventure Time, then a couple Regular Shows. Regular Show got me thinking about Ren and Stimpy. It’s like a cleaner vibe, but like minded. More in story lines than visual. A Blue Jay (Mordecai) and a Raccoon (Rigby) are the main homies, and they simply do high shit. These are on the Cartoon Network from like 6 to 8pm, and though they possibly intend these cartoons for early to strait teens, I can’t help but to see an obvious adult mindset to the execution of these shows. So good. Check out the Regular Show episode Think Positive. Adventure Time, like the the title expounds so simply, is very full of amazing adventure. Visual and well written, Finn and Jake get busy. Ice King and Princess Bubblegum, come on son!
Yeah… Just a bit of babble from this rabble. Rock it.

All Leaves Are Brown,

And The Sky Is Gray.  I like.  Not really that big into the Mama’s and the Papa’s, but that song sounds like right about now.  Not just today, or the fact that it’s almost December.  Really just the mood of it all, the moment that is.  Sounds like i’m going into a bummer of a spot.  Rest assured, or whoever you like to rest, I’m really more into a super chill, happy warm feeling.  The filter on things sometimes brings out a Ma Ma’s and the Papa’s kind of vibe.  I guess I might be into them.  Not really the point.

Don’t worry, the point is not really a sharply delivered normal kind of point.  It has smooth corners, and sways from side to side.  I had a lot of walking around today, I say had because I like that flow better.  Wrongly used words… so fun, or maybe not even that wrongly used.  On point with the topic of wrongly used words, I had a funny 35 minutes of watching YouTube vids of responses to this video posted by this caucasian blond woman from UCLA.  It was titled something like Asians at the UCLA Libraries or something close to that.  That will get you there, search wise.  Yeah… She posted a totally wacked out bunch of racist Gah-Bage.  I think this is pretty old news in the world of YouTube, but it was new to me.  It’s was fun deciding which of the gazillions responses to watch.  I went with an array.  The best was this cat who hooked up a nice beat over his response.  This one killed me on the way obvious tip, she kills.  But whatever.  I”m not really out to become some social critic or something.  What am I going to be?  While those walks were being had today, I had crazy ponderings about what the Flip,,,, (Flip over Fuck…? no right?) I was pondering, plurally, what the fuck i’m doing here in the Paign.  Or wherever really.  What the fuck.  I work, I work, I play a bit.  I think I’m really missing some art in my life.  Doing something that might be around for a century or so.  I had this dream that I was in the super future, way off… and I was looking for people I once know, I was working some crazy computer, trying to “google” folks or whatever.  I mean, people were in reality long dead, I was just in the future somehow, dreams right.. So I come to these totally public Facebook pages of people I know/knew, whatever.  It was freaky, and there was text on the top of each persons page, that read something like, Facebook Owns All Content of Long Deceased People, or something like that.  I know that actually is a strange newer phenomena with Facebook now.  I mean, folks have passed away, and people write on their walls for a bit, or even from time to time, but after a while, they are just out there… digital ghost.  I’m sure this has come up in some Ethics of Technology class somewhere, or a New Yorker writer has already nailed this in some way more long winded approach than I, but it’s still freaky.  Freakier in a future dream.

And the sky is gray.

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