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This post is titled focus.  The thing is, I can’t seem to find it.  Looking to get something called Plant Mode up and rolling here in Champaign Urbana.  Have rocked a couple business’s, and I think they are happy with the plant love that they got.  I am currently enjoying the open schedule that I have these days.  Dj one night, wait tables three days, and well.. the rest is suppose to be plug in time for Plant Mode.  Feeling good.  Folks are jumping from space and landing back on earth, pretty dope.  The Bears are ruling shit, I like that.  Leaves are turning, and this is always a good thing.  Well, it does mean that Winter is right around the corner, so I guess it actually sucks.

On the bubble about whether or not I want to have a roomie in my house or not.  Pros… Rent and Bills split in half.  Cons… I would be living with some random ass stranger.   Of course I have had room mates before, and they always work out pretty well, only One person and I had beef, and that was just my lack of understanding about band practice in the living room space.  I do enjoy the walking from the bathroom to my room without worrying about who is around.  Something to be said about that right?

Jams… I need some music.  Something that sucks about rocking the vinyl these days is the lack of new shit on wax.  Reissues are there for days, but something like the new Kendrick Lamar, Nothing!  Tempting to get the laptop bullshit up and going, but I do like the records.  Plus.. I”m old!  This is how we do.

I’m all over the place, you might recall… this shit was titled focus, and well… this brings me to the St. Louis Cardinals.  What the F!? I don’t get it.  I am a Cubs fan, and this means I am in some distress over this whole Cardinal baseball comeback thing they have been putting on the world.  Sucks.  Sorry good friends of mine that are down with the Redbirds, but man… it’s rough.  As mentioned before, I at least got my Bears doing their thing.


My First Pygmalion….

This will be a bit brief, because I only saw 4 acts.  They all rocked nicely for sure.  Excuse, not really a decent one, I worked during the day Friday and Saturday.  Band I missed that I wanted to see the most… Deathtram.  They rule.  Bands I super enjoyed… Hum, Big Frieda, and Dinosaur Jr.  Hum sounded great, good vibe at the Canopy Club, and the free booze…. well, lets just blame that for me missing the other bands that night.  Dinosaur Jr, Ruled!  I have been carrying albums by them in my dj crates for years, and I never thought I would get to hear those songs live.  I don’t really rock the big events in Chicago, even during the 8.5 years that I lived up there, so when they would come through as part of some festival, I would never make it out.  Pygmalion however, in my home town, of course.  The fuckin sounded great.  Big Frieda, was some funness for sure.  Basically repeating chorus… but it was made fun by “azz everywhere, azz everywhere”, him, not me… ok, I enjoyed the ass everywhere.  DJ Belly was on the decks for this, so that was nice to see.  Grizzly Bear, sounded good.  I have to admit that I was basically in full beer conversation mode on the back deck of the HighDive while they were playing, still sounded nice.  And the song by them that seems to be a pretty big hit, I didn’t even know that was by them, and hearing it by surprise was pretty.  I say pretty because the damn song is pretty.  I would have liked to catch Best Coast, even though local homies have been ripping them for a “poor set”, what would you all expect?  They sound great when you are getting ready in the morning, or chilling at work, or on the back porch catching some sun drinking a lemonade, but standing up at a concert, watching them meander through lovely layered love songs… Boring, or I would expect it to be, which is why I just listened to Boyfriend by them, at home, and called it quits.  Overall, I was very impressed by Champaign Urbana pulling that shit off.  Special shout out to Take Care, who I caught the last couple songs of at Mike N Molly’s, they sound awesome, and represented the Paign, and closed out Pygmalion quite well.  Big ups to Seth, and all who helped him rock it.


I shot this image sly style during Dinosaur Jr.  Folks were getting down, at least in my neck of the crown, stage right, Jay side.

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