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Just a shirt


Fungi and flowers… Together again. This is a women’s shirt at the vintage spot that I work at. Whoa…

Big Birds Flying Across the Sky….

Not just one of my favorite Neil Young lyrics, but it happens to be what the scene is above my house and yard lately.  Crows/Ravens?  I should know the difference seeing as I can identify 4 types of Swallows, but yeah.  Those big birds are indeed flying across the sky, and stopping to talk.  My friend Tiokasin Ghosthorse once told me that Crows should be treated with respect, not just because they are part of our world, and all things in the world should be treated with respect, but also because the Sioux believe the Crows are ancestors that are stopping in to say hello, to check in on us.  It actually might not be Sioux, he is Sioux, and this filled my assumption.  Either way, we can say First Peoples of some type think this.  Since the day he told me that, back in like 93 or 94 I have always said hello to the Crows.  I like the idea, seems like a nice thought.   On top of all of this, these birds are hella smart, and can recognize people as friend of foe.  Pretty dope.  A quick look into wikipedia let me know that the First Peoples of the Northwest even have Creation Mythology involving crows.   I like this, so many folks got the crow in the “trickster” side of things.  Helpless Helpless…. goes the Neil song. rock that shit.

Edison, yeah Shun!

About a month ago I went into Edison Middle School for a retooling of how I remembered things.  Wow, did the memories flood in.  I had been obsessing about a visit to Edison every since I spell of a certain reoccurring dream.  Well, I don’t recall much about the dreams other than this certain location that they took place in.  Other than my mind that is.  So If you went to Edison you might recall the auditorium.  It was a magically large room that was always bathed in a soft yellow glow of old school lighting.  I recall receiving an award on “awards day?”, Best Male Writer! yeah boy.  I still have it in some photo album somewhere.  The location of the dreams was always in the back stage area of the auditorium, or what would be the area of the rear of the stage, had this area existed in real life.  The dreams started about 5 years ago while I was still living in Chicago, I would wake up, rub my eyes…(which you should never do if you want to recall that dream in you waking hours… look it up) and wonder if that room really existed? or did my mind make it up?  The room i’m speaking of was a fancy 40′s-50′s deco inspired room that was full of round tables that had lovely white table cloths draped over them.  High backed chairs, and soft glowing chandeliers were also in this room.  I would always be with friends from my middle school era, but we were adults.  It seemed post some kind of event,  and we would just be cooling out back there, never a purpose.  This room, in my waking hours seemed to become more and more real as more time went by.  I would just tell myself, “next time i’m down in Champaign, I will just go and have a look”  I would visit, drink, party, hang with my family, see a certain pretty girl, eat Little Porky’s… shit like that.  But never would I get into Edison for a look at this fancy room.

Speaking about this dream with my friend Tad was the start of my journey back to Edison. Lets just say, he had friends that had friends that would allow me to have a peek.  So there I was in early August, at the West entrance of the school, walking through the doors, and finding my contact.  This person was super cool, and allowed me full access to whatever I wanted to check out.  Most of the doors were unlocked, and there was even the possibility of going onto the roof, as HVAC systems were being installed at the school.  The rural based workers were a bit taken back by my photo taking of random objects like door knobs and such, but nonetheless, they were polite and chill about things.  No teachers were let in the building, and I don’t blame them.  Long school years and middle schoolers would make me not just hang out in my empty classroom also.

I was dizzy with the possibilities of where I should head first.  After about 3 seconds, I knew I had to head strait to the room that I wasn’t sure was even real.  So I went to the Auditorium, and walked around the front area of it.  Walked up onto the stage, where I had seen so many awesome Edison Middle School Jazz Band performances.  I spied a little hallway that seemed like it was heading to this room of my dreams.  I walked down it, opened a door, and walked through it.  I was taken to the east west hallway of the second floor.  That was it.  There was not even a back stage.  I headed east down the hallway to look for another door that would lead to a possible back entryway to this room of my dreams, I found another door that would head, south, possibly to my room! no…. It was a closet full of janitorial supplies.  I had a nice laugh, and let it soak in that my mind is kind of funny.  I know we all have dreams that put us in strange spots.  I was just so damn sure that there was some kind of “crazy teachers lounge” that just happened to be all super pimped out in deco decor.  After this moment of clarity, It was to the third floor.  Team 4 baby!   When you head up and down the stairs of Edison, you can not help but notice that the steps show the awesome warn grooves of time.  So many kids and teachers have walked these steps over the span of time that the polished stone/granate? steps have a slight depression on the surface of every step, right in the middle.  Blows the mind.  Certain teachers jumped into my head that day, I heard the voices of Mr. Gerbers and Mrs. Humphries for sure…. man.  Those classrooms were small, and well, still are.  While chillin’ out in Mr. Gerbers old room, I sat at the same area I was sitting in, when Tony Miles got Gerber Snagged (which was a pretty physical move that Mr. Gerber would put on your ass if you were not behaving.  It was basically him, grabbing you by the shoulders and giving you a bit of a shake, the snag was best applied when a student was walking away from Mr. Gerber, and they got the snag of one shoulder.  Like a real “you don’t walk away from me moment”.  The rooms in general are so small, and this was to be expected, I”m 6’2 now.  They should be a bit small right.  I was a little baffled by some of the tables, desks, and chairs still rocking it.  I mean, I last there in 1984, and I’m pretty sure I saw a particular desk that I beat knocked on.  Those desks had such great acoustics on the percussive tip.   The science rooms, especially the supply closet/room to these rooms was a trip indeed.  Beakers, ceramic mixing bowls, skeletons, flasks, and the vast amount of jared chemicals.  Crazy shit!  Big ups to Mr. Griggs!

If you went to Edison, these titles will bring back a memory or two:  South Gym, Art Class Rooms, Industrial Arts, Boiler Room, Math Class, The Library, The Office, North Gym, The Cafeteria (which was crazy mind blowing for sure, memories of the first and last time Edison ever served baby baked potatoes… perfect food fight ammo), The Auditorium, Home Economics…. yeah.  I”m going to chill out with the words, and insert some images.  I was only armed with my Iphone, so the images are not the best, but you will surely know where you are looking.  If you did not attend Edison, well, I hope you like the images anyway.  The emptiness is pretty dope.


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