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Yeah. I’m in my new house, been so for a solid month. Things are a little tight, so no Internet at the homestead so a bit. I was just sipping my dancing goat blend coffee at Strawberry Fields and thinking that I should touch base with my site. So…, Hello!
You play to win the game, dummy. Couple things. I’m a salary cap fantasy football league fella. It’s a way less stressy way to play this silly thing called fantasy football. I don’t really get the tag fantasy so much, I mean if it were fantasy for me, there might be breast invoked in some way.
I really like the single Ginko leaf tattoo that I’ve recently seen on Kyle’s arm. Kind of wish I’d thought of that.
I like riding my bike home from band practice late at night, mainly because my route is downhill east on university from draper to prospect, then south on prospect for a little bit of a climb, then left on Springfield for 5 blocks of slight downhill. Super fast, super fun, rarely a car.
I think ive got my “back in CU party vibe” out of my system. This is good, gonna save loot, and my liver. Both should become healthier.
I live right down the street from my first apartment. 505 springfield. Good times, lots of Doug and Crash memories. Sorry Shaun, you don’t make the memory cut.
Ok, off to sling BBQ.

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