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Krannert Art Museum

Yesterday I needed to find a space.  A particular space that would allow me to just shut off some aspects of society, a space that would take me from the mental place I was at.  After a long coffee and  longer bike ride, I figured a visit to the Krannert Art Museum might just be the fix I needed.  I hadn’t been there in over 10 years, so even if things hadn’t changed, it would be a bit fresh to me still.  It was!  My favorite surprise would be all of the Ancient Peruvian artifacts in the basement.  Don’t sleep on the ancient South Americas.  Crazy shit, Peep the rope and wood record keeping device in the gallery I’m linking to this.  The textiles and gold works were also pretty stunning.  There was a particular drinking vessel that I wanted to rock some Makers Mark in.  You meander through the old world ceramics room and the Greek/Egypt area first.  These rooms may be the first you hit, but don’t feel a need to rush through, they are filled with things that are amazingly from times long ago.  Especially the Greek and Egyptian pieces.  The main entryway was closed because they were prepping a new exhibit, so when I was there, you had to hit the museum via the basement rooms.  I would imagine in a week or so, the normal flow of the museum will be different, and the basement rooms could go overlooked…. Don’t let that happen when you visit.  There is this somewhat hidden Sun Porch area that has several massive sculptures and statues.  Big ups to Lorado Taft, Former UofI grad that became a booming figure in American Sculpture.  His pieces there are beyond dope.  There is this one room of bougie whigged up white folks, that is not really my scene, but all other paintings rock the most.  Landscape and Modern, both represented nicely.  I found myself fixed on several pieces for long periods of time, and well… thats the idea right?  I got lost in wonder and sight, and will try to make this a stop for my busy mind at least once every other month.  This spot is pretty overlooked in the minds of a lot of Champaign Urbana people that I have mentioned it to, so I hope you stumble upon this, and check it out for yourself.  Suggested donation is $3, I put $2 in the box, yeah, I’m kind of like that.  All in all, peep this hidden gem in Champaign Urbana.  Take a date, take the kids, take yourself.

Cafe moments

I’m having a coffee! In a cafe no less. Yep, just a fancy way to have a coffee, and I’m liking it just fine. I’m in the “newer” side of Kopi, I had never done more than walk through this room before today. It’s a bit airy and table filled. I came here today to have coffee and get some business plans down to paper. Bullet point they may end up, but out of the head is the point. Plants and such. That’s enough of that, in this forum at least. I completely did a Matthis, and went off topic. Perhaps I should make this some kind of audio blog, the psychic said my vocal powers are nice. Ok, he didn’t say “nice”, but he did kinda make things make sense. Oh… That’s right, I went to Boltini Lounge with my friend last Wednesday, and we sat with the psychic. It was a really cool kinda moment. He does mainly palms and numerology. I’m down with Wu Tang, so I went the numerology route. I’m a 3! So fuck off.. You look it up if you want, I’m not blathering on about it here. Seemed like I might right? My friends Palm Reading was interesting, he seemed right on about her, until a glaring wrong turn about things. Stick with the numbers yo.
I had a “Chicago, I miss you” moment last night. After I played records at the Cowboy Monkey, I wanted tamales! Wasn’t gonna happen,… Then I kinda thought, “maybe a pizza puff? Same deal… I had the option of a late night dinner (that I’ve sworn off of) and nothing. Went with nothing. In Chicago, I didn’t do the late food thing super often, but when I did, I did it well. Oh Tamale Man, let’s franchise that shit down here. That’s about it on the missing of Chicago, nothing spiteful, nothing woeful, just nothing much. Alright, I miss the hell out of that skyline, and the friends that are true friends. All the new jack hipsters I’ve met, bought coffee from, spun records for…. it’s nicer in CU on that tip.
The thing about this cafe trip, and this writing, is that the coffee hasn’t even kicked in. Funny like that.
I’m going to The Krannart Art Museum today, mid day chill style. I’ll be a few blocks from my families grave sites, so a visit with the ancestors will also happen. There is a mystery I need to get to the bottom of today, I hope to do so. Hey! Thanks for checking in!

Memphis on main

So… Heya!
Yeah I went with the exclamation. I just saw a guy with a Detroit Lions logo, on his…, dress shirt, I’m confused by this. He did just offer shots to the table though. That’s kinda nice, I guess.

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