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wow. that was summer.

August is about here.  I have been camped out in my moms spare room since April… yeah.  It’s been good.  She and my brothers, and nephews have been great this summer.   Considering that I have not lived at home since I was 17, it’s been a trip.  A good trip.  In two days, I get the keys to my own spot.  All those things that come with having your own spot, cooking, naked walking from the bathroom to your room, uncluttered kitchen tables (yeah, I”m a weird one) plant placement, and well… lots of shit.  I can’t wait.  I had lived alone for a few years prior to this last summer family fun, and well, I got use to it.  Now the plan of being in Champaign Urbana, being close to family, and living the clean good life can go into effect.  There might be some possible writing work in the near future, and I very much look forward to that.  This is another thing that will rock about having my own spot, I can set up my desk top and go to town.  I have been doing all of my computing at while sitting on the edge of my bed, with my  computer on a funky end table.  A nice clean work space is the bizzle.  yeah, that’s that shit.

Facebook.  I will never again refer to facebook as facebook.  Over this last weekend, I came up with FaceWookie, or WookieBook.  They both work for my needs.  I figure Facebook is a big thing, and Star Wars is well… bigger (i’m a nerd remember), so there should be an unholy marriage between them.  Why not, it sounds good, and the two ways of saying it give one a bit of flex.

Edison Middle School, what can I say.  I spent last Wednesday inside the school, well 2.5 hours at least.  WOW. Crazy memories, and super crazy arty photos soon to come.  I”ll post an Edison Image deal up in this spot soon.  Life is good.  Black Dog, Jupiters, Dandelion, and Spinning once a week at the Monkey.  This has been keeping me a bit busy, but in a very good way.  I loved working at Sprout Home, Loved who I worked with, but that 9 year grind needed to end.   I learned a lot, and I guess that is what I can take from it.  Certainly not any savings,,,, digression!  Gotta fly, time to play tunes. Rock steady yo.

14 hours

Not much of a story here. I slept 14 hours yesterday. Trouble time.

I went to Lake Clinton and all I got was these trippy sunspots

Went to hang on a boat last weekend.  Pretty fun.  lost my farmers tan, found a new love of miller lite, and took these pictures… yeah, not so exciting.  But I like that no two can be remotely the same because of the movement of the water on the lake.  word.


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