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The Newsroom

I just got home, I saw a certain shadow of light and hit the HBO go. I started the new HBO jam- The Newsroom. I paused it 3 minutes in. The intro title part was excessively long. It was battered by clips of newsmen old, and the music super blowed. Do yeah, I hit pause and decided to Internet tell my thoughts on this moment. The show starts with a scene, and then the intro jab, like lots o shows do. I was kinda into the first scene, and I look forward to ending this post so I can check the new HBO joint out. Since the days of the monthly pamphlet, HBO has provided cool well done shows. Since im on some game of thrones, girls, and veep hiatus, The Newsroom might make it work out. Then again, it might suck ass like the introduction part does. Don’t forget to peep some kind of Wu beats this week. It’s global Wu-Tang appreciation week. “Moving on your left….”

There have been many things

I have been back in my hometown for almost 2.5 months.  That time flew by crazy fast.  I have been riding my bike more than in Chicago, that is a bit surprising to me…  I really thought the smaller town thing would mean less distances travelled.  Then I realized in Chicago, I would go on one epic bike ride a month, that was it. I rode to work daily, or to friends spots and such.  I would even take off and head to the lake.  But really, I stayed in this small quadrant.  Humboldt Park, and the Ukrainian Village.  Oh, speaking of UK Village, I have not missed the distrusting looks I would get treading through their hood.  Lazer Eyes.  Now I just have the occasional redneck, gawking at my longish hair… I grew up with that, and know how to deal.  The Ukrainians has some reason to be suspect of me,, I was for sure all about those UK hotties.  I digress… wait, I don’t need to type that, thats what the fuck I do, DIGRESS!   Funny word.  So riding the bike more, and now that I”m over my “I just got back  to Champaign, so I need to eat at La Bamba all the time” feeling, I have been getting into some better shapes.  Shapes yes, not shape.  I know, I just like it that way.   Speaking of shapes… Meow.   Only one person would get that.   She most likely has nothing to do with this haunted website of mine.

Tunes!  I am about to head to the Cowboy Monkey to play some tunes, Third week now of this weekly.  Been steadily growing, and that feels good.  Something that does not feel good.  Saying goodbye to my Uncle OK, and Aunt Dorris.  There are now no more of my fathers family in Champaign Urbana. None… I’m glad I got here when I did, so I could at least say goodbye.  The Gipsons are the real Helmicks…  Now I have to really head down south to see them, and I will.  New Orleans, Atlanta, Augusta, Dallas, Modesto… Here I come, well sometime this fall, here I come.

Black Dog Smoke and Ale House… I work there now.  This place is a fucking zoo of business.  This is all good from the servers perspective, which is how I see things, but holy shit bag, that spot is nutty pro busy,  I”m grateful, and thankful.  That said, I”m already looking to loose this Saturday night shift.  Life is like that.

Bought a 50$ Fan… Been having issues with sleep, and being hot.  This should work itself out now.  Go breezes.  OK, thanks for stopping through.

Midnight… exactly now.

exactly right about a sec ago now, honestly.  But the vibe of the start of this was the feeling of it just hit midnight, while I looked at the clock.  I like stuff like that.  I”m listening to the new Oh No record.  It’s called Ohnomite.  It’s nice.  The last four songs, around song 5 are killing me with the niceness.  You Don’t Know Me, and Dues and Don’ts are just killing it at this very moment.  Here we go with the exactly now thing.  And you would think this was some intentional shit, not really.   I look forward to pumping a few of these tunes at the Cowboy Monkey on Sunday.  If one doesn’t have a goodness about music in their hearts, them hearts ain’t beating.   J To The Vance, speaking of beating, he and I are looking forward to trying to put down some doo doo in Champaign.   Not an album review or anything.  Just a vibe about the record, which is pretty wacked out awesome.  And a cut called Clock Cather is a bit super high, oh wait.  Ohnomite is over, Clock Catchers wasn’t a high ass Oh No song, it was Flying Lotus that was tripper town.  I liked that cut.  But the bulk of his new record, removed from starred Spotify status.   One last moment about Ohnomite!   Eric Sermon drops vocals on a cut.  Pretty nice to hear his voice.  Classic.







Album Artwork by Charles Munka Click to link to Stones Throw, buy the art and the tunes.

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