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This is just sad

This image was floating around the web, and i”m sorry I don’t credit the photographer with this… but I have a feeling they wouldn’t mind it being shared in this context.  I mean, this is pretty much what is wrong with the world in a visual nutshell.  Consumed garbage, accidentally.  Result, Death.  Garbage Swirls in the ocean, Toxic Stews….  I might have to have a drink. Yeah, that could also have something to do with certain outlooks.

We gotta help the natural world.




I like to start things off with a nice yeah.  I have the sound of my friend Milk saying that in the waining moments of a Love Cup song.  Good stuff.  Played some softball last night, pretty damn fun. Black Dog sponsored, homies to play with, the summer is gonna be a nice one.  Hawaii seems to be in the dust at the moment.  Cools with me.  Back to Softball for a moment.  I went 0-3 with a walk. Eleven years of baseball had me a bit cocky, but one strick out, two lame foul outs had me in a reflective mode after the game, reflective and holding beers at Hubers.  Yeah.  Softball and hometown fun.  I like all of this.  Starting up Beats by Otter at the Cowboy Monkey in a couple weeks, I hope it pops off a bit better than it ended back in the day, spinning for a few people was tough. Thought we would rock a show at the Brass Rail, but Fote seemed to not want to disrupt his Friday thing.  Oh well, enjoy the silence, like Depeche Mode said. Living at home has been a bit challenging, it’s suppose to be a month long thing, but with my Hawaii work falling by the wayside, i’m now looking for a spot to move into, the nice ones are around, but seemingly not available until August.  Going to look at one right now actually, wish me luck. wait, you don’t even know me….well wish me luck anyway, I wish you luck.


Coffee at kopi this morning… too many cats!


yeah, the coffee was really working out today.  Rocked this, then went on a massive super northwest champaign bike ride.  Wanted to get out into the deconstruction of the tall concrete buildings north of Bradley ave, but the Rail Road worker folks kicked me out.  Still Wilbur Heights was kind of fun, in a funky strange way.


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