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Chicago smells great today. Yep

Ok, phone taps it is.

In the country, in Savoy. Super connected to the stars… I have been unconnected to the white computer on clean lined wooden surface. It’s been nice, I am home. It’s just occurred to me that I have been feeling a bit pent up, and that rockin the beats by otter tripped out type talk feels good to the soul. So there you goes, wiggle the toes, and let’s go.
About the star connection, they are super vivid in the sky right now. I have been enjoying this app called Sky View. It cost like a couple bucks. Crazy worth it. Tonight, just like the past many nights lately, there was been neato planetary alignment. Last night, Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, Uranus, Mercury, and Neptune were all lined up. FN cool. The app show satellites, Hubble, the International Space Station, constellations. Its all modern micro machined gyro locked. Just point at way your looking at, I look every morning and several times during the evening. My friend deembobs and I were looking at what I now know as Venus like a mug, but that night I was super convinced that it was the north star. We just didn’t know. We talked apps for a sec, that spilled into talk about how folks just knew that stuff back in the day. Oral history, and later books, were the lessons of the stars. Needless to say, that got me looking into a good app….. And Sky View. Stars and champaign, the air and green bloom explosions of spring. Tomorrow. Busy Woods

Been back in Champaign for almost 12 days, it’s been swell beyond measure. A twizzle is on deck, that’s matthis speak for a turn ahead. Maui work in a few days. I’ll drip that about later… The light thumb taps on the iPhone gets a bit wack, the eyes mostly. I had this random blurt of words that I would inject, like my early anti cell phone days of like. Folks were looking at horrible video on their Nokia, Motorola phones.
2001 style! I would be like “it’s a plan to turn us human consumers to into mole people, these small screens will make our eyes shrink to nothing”. No actual science or anything in that belief, just my funny phrase. The whole point of those last sentences was that it’s time to stop tappin this out. Word.

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