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St. Patricks Day

I was thinking of partaking this year.  Time on my hands today, and well…. why the hell not?  I started the day with a massively long dog walk, division, damen, grand, back to francisco.  Maybe not so long to you, but the 11 year old dog seemed to think so.  But something funny happened to my st pattys day spirit along the way.  Division, from Leavitt to Damen. Green,  and enough to send me hiding out on my back deck all day.  A bit sun zapped at the moment, but ready for that cold beer.  It just might have to be on the same deck, no bars for me.  Word up.  Bulls and changes.  This shot is from the window seat that I sat at last week, Amtrak.  Chicago to Champaign.  Isn’t one of the reasons people even take trains, is to sit back, enjoy the view, and let your mind wonder?  Come on amtrak, clean this shit up.  It was a nice day, nice days before, and yeah… the train might have run all night from some other route, but come on… this was a negative.  If you were on bullet train status that might be different, but on these slow ass trains, keep it clean.  And i”m not even going to address the bathrooms.


can we get much higher?

Yeah, this titled was not only some Kanye action, but I used it before.  But see… this is the question I have for us.  Us?  Okay, maybe just me, and no, this has nothing to do with getting high on some weed.  It’s more an elevation type thing.  Seems like i might be talking about flying in an aeroplane or something.  I”m so damn vague sometimes.  Getting to a better place in general, this is whats what.  I was recently in Hawaii, and that was good for my soul.  I was respected, and trusted to do somethings that frankly seemed like a big no no at my last job.  When you are trusted, and asked to demonstrate your ability instead of being put in a box, the mind feels it.  The soul and spirit feel it.  I came back, and the box was a bit too small.  Nothing bitter, nothing sad, just time to get it going.  And to think, it only took me 8 years to get this feeling.  Typing that last sentence makes me think I might actually be kind of dumb when it comes to career advancement.  In the scale of life on earth, I’m thinking 8 years is an ok time to figure something out.  Learned a lot, and hopefully my impact will be recalled with slight fondness.

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