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hey desert fox, lets go here.

It seems like a nice place for us to catch a breather.

I knew something was following me home yesterday

It took me a while to notice, but then I looked over my shoulders.  Damn imperial troops, found me again.

The cool thing about this morning, is the sun.  January in Chicago, and we got sun.  Enough said.


And I just thought that was an old dusty blues song.  It’s actually a bit more.  It’s where I’m at.  The good news is that I’m not sitting here in my sometimes bitter complaining mood.  I feel good about things in general.  So good, that there is a bit of focus coming in.  I have always been that person that waits for people to see the good in me, and then I expect them to act on it, dating, work, random whatever.  But I feel that a more proactive route is needed.  And just bringing myself to write this feels good.  Has my head been up my ass this whole time?  Sadly, I think so.  So yeah, 2012=Good Vibes.  I kind of don’t believe the whole Mayan calendar deal, but I also kind of do.  So lets have some fun this year.


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