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Sarah Silverman is killin me currently, she’s being interviewed on Rachel Maddow. Talking about the Rick Perry old hunting lodge that was once called Niggerhead. She is about to partake in a fundraiser for the NAACP. It’s called Live From Niggerhead. I’m all about discussion. She rules. And…. Crazy cute.
I’m looking forward to playing some records tomorrow. Chill and bump, why not. This is the home record spin, I’m not playing the records out lately. Should.
Planting also, plant plant plant.

destroy all humans… no not really, but I love this.


How can we not like today?

The sun is out in full glory, the coffee is kickin’ and well… It’s a lovely October day.  There are few things that could go wrong today, and those will be out of my control.  The things I can control, well…. I”m on it.  For reals.  Should be a nice result.  I like the word result today, very UK.

Speaking of very UK, how about Americans taking it to the streets.  Van Jones was saying that the protest are basically a reaction to three years of sitting on a hot stove, and the reactions are folks hollerin’.  I love that he used the word Holla, but not in that ridiculous overdone way that so many duck faced fools say “holla” about the most asinine shit.  Whoomp Whoomp, Woot Woot, and Holla… signs of stupidity.  What is the deal with my lack of joining Occupy Chicago?  Do I ask for time off from work, head in after work, wait until my next day off… The revolution is so schedule tough for me.  Just kidding, lets do this.   Big love for the first occupy folks in NYC, we need this, and I thank you for sparking it.  I watch a bit of MSNBC from time to time, and I was baffled by the lack of coverage, but Ed…  My least favorite vibe of the line up these days, was on it eventually.  Go Ed Shultz, big up.  Now we just need Obama to say some shit like, I think I will just create policy out of what those good folks Occupying Wall street say.  And they say the message is muddled.  Rust Limpdick called the protesters human refuse…  yeah, pour some gasoline on this Rush.  When will there be a serious left stealth movement that will just take these fools out.  I’m not talking about sniper actions or any kind of death, but how about a very quick abduction, drug these fools to knock them out, and dye them black or something… I mean?  I guess that would give the 1% carte blanche to round up anyone with a late bill and put them in financial obligation holding tanks (TM).  Next step, burn some shit.

On a lighter note, Bears v Lions.  I like the bare bones sound of animal fights, Bears and Lions fighting.  Gross Roman colosseum type shit right?  Well this is just a football game so chill out.

Saw Black Star on the Colbert Report.  BLAZE.  I will be grabbing that album as soon as I can.  The joint they rocked was called Fixin it, or something like that.  Blaze lyrics, and this is what we expect from Talib and Yasiin (formally known as Mos Def)  Big Ups!  I just peeped youtube to maybe post a clip of this performance… nothing.  Then I went to Itunes to buy the song, and or lp… nothing yet.  I checked out a lot of the new releases in the hip hop rap section.  GARBAGE, this would explain the state of the hoods and the lack of any kind of rising up.  Rising up to the Gucci Mane’s means fuck your brothers and sisters, get yours, and your neighborhoods can keep looking like strait garbage cans and such.  Please teach a little something other than “getting yours”.  Lets grow.

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