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This is soothing to look at.


This is here or at least that is where I got the image, I like the vibe of this blog, or maybe I just really really like soft green moss.  Either way, just rest your head on this type of fuzzy happiness.  Not really an ad for these peeps, I just thought if I was going to rip the image, that I should pay dues, so to speak.

This Sunday… it’s been ok, I have been reflecting on how things have been made overly difficult by myself at times, and how this really needs to change. I thought I was a pretty decent communicator, but I”m finding that not to be so true.  At least the sun is out, the dogs been on walks, and well…  We got our health, whatever the hell that is suppose to mean.  I don’t know what i’m looking for, but I am sure being a picky dick about it.  Don’t go pickin’ dicks though, lets just drop the words pick and dick out for a bit, they don’t seem to go together.

My street is super void of noise at the moment, I have the stereo set to off.. so just this click clack, and well… the fading in and out of Law and Order from my neighbors tv.  Not the dialogue so much, just the Law & Order Bass Tones… funny shit, and somehow not so bothering.

I think I”m writing in a moment of hunger, so.

It’s all about the devil inside.

They came up in conversation.  It was the 4th of July, the grill was yet to be poofed.  Deviled Eggs, yep.  Funny finger food that, if you have the taste for it, is the bizzle.  Yeah, I just made up something that was maybe suppose to be pun like for bomb.  No need to hide things that are “bomb ass” , those things are always good, and can be called so.  But yeah, Bizzle.  Let us bury that actually.  The wood worker maker fella came in right after their mention, and he basically said, he would walk over to the store in a bit and get some eggs and such to whip some up.  It was mentioned, and it was followed through.  I enjoyed these, we all did.  Oh, i’m just a bit hungry, I think this decided this subject.  I ate well today, a good day of blessings and time to reflect.  I can always get down with a Sunday to chill.  Big bike ride, stake cake.  Wait, I rocked steak and cake on the same plate, then on the same fork.  It was hella good.  Yellow cake with chocolate icing, and thin cuts of a very steak that D rocked on the grill.  There were moments of meaty vanilla mashed potato feel going on with the Stake n Cake bits.  Not mine alone, it’s part of the Systems Systems business plan idea box.  I ate well now that I’m recalling that aspect of my night.  Point is…. On the 4th, these were on point.


Hey Doug, I dreamed of you this morning, we hugged and kind of said goodbye.  It was very real.  I dreamed of you last night, we were on Edgebrook just messing around in the street in front of 211.  I think this means something.  Either way, I”m thinking of you today.  I love you, and will give Xavier a call today.  He called a couple days ago, and though I have been a bit clear headed lately, i forgot to call him back.  Maybe you were asking me to.

Peace brother.

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