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Twista, not just a fast rapper.

Over 300 dead from weather related actions… Tornado times.  I feel for you, hang tough.  It’s only the end of April and that many dead.  The deadliest summer from tornados was like three twenty something in the late seventies, and here we are at 300 today….  The sun is out today, this is good.  Hang Tough Alabama.

Moroccan Mint

I went back and fourth with it. My hot mint tea bag, squeezed slightly… Placed on my left, then my right, closed eye. A total of five minutes maybe, until the dense wet tea leaves lost their thermal powers. Couple sip of tea during the whole deal. Minty happy eye lids. Check it.


Yeah, that word is working for me at the moment.  I was told to have focus here by a friend…. I don’t think I can do that.  The snappy beat of Ferel by Radiohead is preventing any real focus at the moment.  I’m headphone bound at the moment, and I’m really glad I made that listening choice.  It has been some time since I have donned these headphones, and I can’t believe I don’t do this more often.  This sounds so damn lush.  I know that when i’m riding my fixed gear bike with no brakes, and no lights at night that it is best to not be in headphone land.  That said, I think I might go online and get some better headphones to rock this summer.  I don’t spin anymore really, so I can step up to some big phones to hug my ears t sleep.  The bass in Lotus Flower on this same Radiohead album is abundant.  I now have mini baguette in my head… rocked one with avocado and goat cheese yesterday, and well, that did the gourmet trick.  If I only had those ingredients at the moment.

A story.

There was not much fear in her eyes, she seemed to be surprised more than anything.  We walked, the small group of three.  I knew we were not sure where we were going, but we were going.  My ex stepfather was not taking to well to being a fucking drinking asshole, not well at all.  He was rocking the crazy look.  This part of him was a surprise to us, just like the moments walking away from our house on Arcadia lane, walking down neil street with blankets and pillows.  We walked into Hazel Park unsure of what would be the best place to rest.  We were not tired from any kind of long walk or anything, no it was more about waking up in the middle of the night to get out of the house because he was being that drunk fool.  He had never laid hands on us, any of us at that point, but there must have been something in my mothers head that told her that he was capable of doing so. We clearly didn’t doubt her, we followed.  A slow sad group i’m sure to the waking sparrows that hung like magnets to metal on the trees in Hazel.  We walked up and onto the wooden play land that was in it’s hay day the coolest attraction to that park.  I have always loved playing on that crazy ass dangerous wooden maze of a structure.  We would go there for recess sometimes from Columbia School across the street to the south of the park.  We found a spot, maybe 8×8′, and laid out the blankets in the same motions you use to make ones bed.  We laid down, pillows on wood, and pretty much laid awake for the rest of the night.  It sucked, but I think I was more the embarrassed 12 year old than in any real discomfort.  I don’t have memories of the morning, or the next day.  We must have been cool as a family unit, but i’m sure it was within 30 days of that night in the park that my ex step father Hence Gray beat the fuck out of my younger brother John.  Came home fucked up, and woke John up, and beat him up.  This may have come up before, on this space.  But the fact that this current Radiohead album just took my mind there again, must mean something.  OK, most likely not.   If you ever see people sleeping in the street, don’t hate.  Be human, most humans care for each other, we can do that right.

On a lighter note, I bought some summer vibe socks today.  Tamales and socks.  Good day so far.

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