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the inquiring nuns

PBS doc on this eve, Gordon Quinn i believe.  What a great bit of human interaction.  It seemed to take me to a place where I started thinking about human genome mapping, mapping in the sense of following the migratory splits of humans after leaving Africa.  I would love to see where my peoples really came from.  I got the ol’ Black and White, with a loss of records of any kind on my Black side.  White side is a bit mutted up. All love.  I love how we are all related, dna wise.   And on top of that, the whole regions of the world where we have ancestors who lived there for long long stretches of time.  Central Asia, Europe, crossing frozen land masses and heading all the way down to the tip of South America.  Some rocked old school nautical skills and made it to Australia.  We humans are pretty fucking dope.  But that dopeness sure loses its luster when we act a damn fool.  War, Religious back and fourth, so called Cultural truths.  Whateves, rock it lovely.  I”m going to try.   The nuns in the Gordon Quinn documentary were basically going around, in Chicago back in the diz, (yeah diz not day) they walked up to people, and just asked “are you happy?”,  they were engaging and super interested in what people had to say, coaxing out the real answers these random people were secretly wanting to share.  I found it amazing.  That is what I was really trying to get at this eve.  Genome mapping and such, is also the bomb.  Though there is that whole government keeping dna samples of as many of us as they can.

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Erin made this

It’s a nice look into a terrarium scape she create.


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