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I think

I think, or.. I’m thinking, 40 is a dirty word.  oh well.  Hostile towards the Roth topic, seems like I should really get my hustle in order.  This hustle is nothing near the thoughts that rise to your minds when they hear the word hustle, Nah, this is more to point or getting that nest egg concept in order.  Some kind of something, land, gold, mold…  I liked mold there, it just worked.  Without actually working to the point in any kind of way.  But then again, there is rarely a point to be seen.  Speaking of points, I saw some words on the news about the fact that people point green lazar pointers at commercial aircraft, all kinds or planes really.    There was this FAA vid showing the pilots viewpoint of this happening, it was fucked up.  Green Fractal Flashes!  Disco inferno type slash of light.  They said fools are doing this at both Midway and O’hare airports, but that they are getting an idea of who these peeps are.  I’m sure that last part was them flashin’ some false power there, but come on, the point is, please don’t let fools obtain annoying dangerous gadgets.  Word Life, and Welcome Back Joakim Noah.  I will be dumping cable after the Bulls have done whatever it is they might do.  Baseball… suck it, go Cubs and all that, but really.. suck it.

I can get with this.

The sun that is, don’t it just make you smile.  Both kinds of smile, the one on your face, and the one in your soul.  Nothing left to do but smile smile smile.  Yeah, I snuck in a Grateful Dead lyric, so?  I think I might even wipe all the sludgy salt crap off my bike, I think it deserves a pretty look after being such a boss bike all winter.  Go team no oil!  Speaking of oil, I recently rocked the netflix online deal and peeped the doc called Tapped.  I highly recommend it, very smart, very packed full of information people need to know.  Always knew there was some shady shit going down with the whole bottled water industry, it took this doc to make me think about how I see Poland Springs, Aquafina, and Desani, or is it Dasani?  Regardless, these companies stealthily take water from communities that are being duped.  And not only that, but our tap water is tested way way way more than any bottled water.  And when the bottled water people are having their water tested, it is from their own labs.  You know people don’t police themselves very well, so an industry that charges more per gallon than gasoline, uhm….  yeah, not good.   I’m thankful for my new treadless steel water bottle, fill er up.  Bigger Better Bottle Tax!  States that rock a bottle tax to pay for their recycling programs not only have a steady source of money to help oil the wheels, but they often have 75% returns or higher on their plastic bottles, lots of broke people will get these bottles back into the recycling loop.  Currently, these bottling lobbyist are stopping this from seeming like a good idea, they must have lots of cocaine and prostitutes to convince our bought law makers to not pursue this route.  Shame, for now at least.

I heard the Beatles were into saying this….

Love is all you need.

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