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Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Drew Pearson,  John Lennon, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Uncle Jay, Primo, Master Yang Yang, Ozzie Smith, Marvin Gaye. Mohamed Ali, Mama Susie, Stevie Wonder, and well.. a bunch of other good people helped shape me to some degre.  I like that.  I had this idea about writing about heroes.  Then I got lazy and turned it into some kind of ramblin’ list, and now, upon reflection….. I should have some kind of writing chops to go into some complex shit like environmental shaping, music, art, culture, and such.  what is the such in “and such” anyway?  I wonder how the ramblin’ list of anti heroes would roll out.  Capitalism, Reagan, Skinheads, ugh.. exhausting.


√El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz√

Nice with the words and the art

Aesop Rock, Pigs…  Pre crash out time, and i’m checking some music vids and such online, Duran Duran, Neil Young, Das EFX and well… what’s this another list?  I’m really trying to get to, “I fell upon this vid” and I like whats up.

Woop woop, said KRS1

Coconuts record store at the oly westside mall, walking through the parking lot listening to KRS1, Sound of the Police! Souls Of Mischief, Neva No More… Shits like that, headphones on stellar, strolling with every turn a new place. Hip Hop music got me through some gray ass winters, especially the first two out in Olympia. I just let the beats keep my outlook politely grimy. Worked out alright. Gang Starr was some serious boom for my mind, walking the super white northwest, even hearing random talk of the skinhead types rolling through downtown, not often, like 5-6 times during my 6 years out there. But yeah, miss you Gang Starr.
I liked Positively 4th Street, nice small downtown record store. I found a Love Cup 45 in there, always went back for my rock, but no rap, at all. Rainy Day Records, West Side, I ended up working there for a bit, but when I first got into Oly, no rap at Rainy Day. Pop shit if anything. They for sure ended up having a nice selection, vinyl even. The point is, there were two crappy chain record stores, no vinyl at either. One was Coconuts, it was it’s own building, kinda removed from the mall, floating in the malls sea of parking lot. I forgot the name of the store that was in the heart of the mall, it had more random raw stuff, Redman, Epmd, Casual, Onyx…. Yeah, cassettes was the ammo for my Walkman, and man did I walk.

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