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Soul Train.

I sit here feeling very shellshocked by this vibe in my heart.  I just caught the last 35 minutes of this Soul Train documentary type show on BET.  I’m flooded with memories of the rooms I was in when I saw those Soul Train performances, Al Green, Billy Paul, Shalamar, Public Enemy… The institution of the Soul Train Line, as an involuntary dance reflex that we all know.  Don Cornelius… What a Force.  I learned how he dissed Hip Hop from the start, and would be kinda dickish, See Curtis Blow performance.  Anyway… man.  Music is some dope dopeness.  I feel so blown away by reminders about pure genius.  There is this new Jimi Hendrix Bio, on the Biography channel. BLOWN AGAN, my mind that is.  I have been to the Jimi Hendrix Experience dealio in Seattle, was super fortunate to catch Jimi Hendrix Backstage, this expo at the Musee de la musique in Paris in 2002.  Both,  nice up close looks at a fucking God of Music.  But this footage and memoir bundle on this last show… crazy.  I was rocking Bold As Love the next day on vinyl.  Whatever our inspirations are, lets be Just.  Soul Train is a big part of any television that I would have been watching in my house growing up.  Every kind of good Black Music, and at times good history lessons, WORD SCRAMBLE.   Go Peep you some early soul train.  I checked out when Don checked out, but the show went on for a while with that new wack host.  what ev…  It would seem fitting to put up some dope ass Soul Train boogie. So.. I i’m just going to put this great interview, Mavin is so chill, and you can see how the business isn’t what he is about.  Don… the ladies, all is nice.

smoke this!

oh no ono… Danish boom.

I had a bit of a headache just now, the same one I had last night.  This seemed to help.

Masha Masha Masha….

that is about all… all that can be done.

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