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Give Thanks.

Thanks friends

Thanks family

Thanks job

Thanks crush

Thanks Derrick Rose

Thanks sun

Thanks Thanksgiving Beef Stroganoff

Thanks comforter

Thanks bike

Thanks coffee

Thanks lps

Thanks internet

Thanks bass guitar

Thanks beats

Thanks swanky apartment

Thanks jerked chicken, i miss you…

Thanks McIntosh’s

Thanks plants

Thanks crock pot

No thanks punk ass mean people.

A different Sunday

I”m not a church going type of person, I just try to be good.  Thats all.  That said, it is like I have some kind of reverence for Sundays, and how I really don’t like to do much but rest, like the bible may have said God did on the seventh day.  But yeah, it’s the one day of the week where I kinda over eat, and chill on the couch watching football or some dumb shit like that.  Today was different, I got a call that at the time felt crazy early, it was 10am, I would normally be up by then, but hey, I rocked some gin and bourbon last night, the am was fuzzy.  The phone had a nice voice on the other end of the line, and I snapped into waking state.  10 minutes later i’m out of the shower and walking down the stairs with Poppy, wondering why, and then remembering why my head hurt.  It was warmer than I thought it would be, that was nice.  Dog walk… that was nice.  Back home and now walking my bike down the stairs, still thinking about my head, but not as much.  Out of the gate, and greeting my sweet voiced friend.

Wind in my face, weave in my path, boom.  Star lounge.  I get coffee there pretty often, but I had never really sat inside for more than 15 minutes.  An hour and a half later, we are leaving, wondering why Nick (the new jack version of 1993 Michael Gaines… aka Dirt, Glass House style) was drinking Jameson so early, and talking our heads off.  Bike unlocked, quickly seated in Handlebar, slowly eating and talking, and having Bloody Mary’s, Nick must have put a seed into our heads with the drinks…. We only had one Bloody, and half of a split beer.   For the first time in a long time I wasn’t annoyed at the crowded Sunday Brunch crowd, it was all a blur, the surrounding that is.  I really dug the company, the food, the drinks, the bike riding, the nice last warmish day feeling in the air.  And well… Now it’s 5:24pm and i’m going to chill on the couch, something I would have possibly have started 5 hours ago.  Very glad I didn’t glad to have had a different Sunday.

Unrelated, I was watching Conan a couple days ago, first time seeing him on TBS and such, and well…. Rosario Dawson was on.  She is really dope, laid back and political.  They showed a Twitter photo of hers.  You can tell the photo is one of those, “i’m kind of slyly using my phone to get a shot of myself and who i’m with” kind of  shots.  But check the result.  Awesome.  Real people.   img-mg-twitpics-dawson_124859846001

Michelle  and Barry.


That is all, I like the name Leena.

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